Summer Tips

10432270_10152106199492124_934112786_nBecause animals expel heat differently than humans,  summer heat can be harmful to your dog. Pay special care to your canine as the weather heats up. Learn about the effect of heat on your pet and how to keep him or her safe in hot temperature.

How Dogs Stay Cool
Though dogs can sweat through their paws, the surface area is too small to effectively cool them. Canines mostly expel heat by panting and when air temperature approaches their body temperature (101°F/38°C), panting becomes useless in ridding heat.

Health Risks

Heat and dehydration can cause consequences such as kidney failure, bleeding and seizures according to PetMD. If your canine’s tongue appears red, has thick saliva, vomits or has an irregular heartbeat, he or she may be having a heat stroke.

What You Can Do

Even if you don’t have air conditioning, you can keep your friend safe in the summer.

  • have walks early in the morning or late at night
  • keep your dog hydrated
  • do not keep your dog in a parked car
  • take your dog swimming
  • let your dog lay on a cool towel

If your dog shows out of ordinary behavior, you may want to contact a veterinarian.


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